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For those who have asked, "What is the way forward?"

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who we are


We are a community dedicated to inspiring curiosity and hope as the way forward for humanity. We produce audio and video content that facilitates conversation and spiritual transformation.

"via" means "the way"

Multiple traditions have used the phrase, "the way" as the apt descriptor of their fundamental philosophy. The Chinese "Tao" emphasizes harmony with "the way." Buddhism's "Middle Way" is about living a practical life by avoiding extremes. The first followers of Jesus were a Jewish sect called "The Way." And Silicon Valley's legendary company Hewlett-Packard described their business philosophy as "The HP Way."

We are continuing this tradition, asking again,

"What now is the way forward?

we believe

Everyone needs a story by which they live, a community with whom they belong, and a purpose to which they contribute.

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lenses and our logo


We exist to be a community for those who want to understand the tensions, nuances, and discomforts of discovery, who desire a more expansive spirituality, and who seek the intellectual and emotional elements that promote human flourishing.

We do this through a "grand synthesis," bringing together the full scope of human consciousness; science and philosophy, technology and spirituality, the material and the transcendent, the natural and the ineffable, the intellectual and the emotional. Through embracing each of these modes of humanity we are able to experience the fullness of what life has to offer; beauty, mystery, meaning, wonder, belonging, and purpose.

Our logo represents this grand synthesis. The two lenses are distinct ways of viewing the world which are often seen as contradictory. In reality, they are different ways of being which have together created our world. To manifest a flourishing future we are committed to embracing both. 

our core values

We are persistently curious, in passionate pursuit of understanding. We believe in the redemptive power of hope as a discipline that transforms the potential of a better world into a lived reality.


the team

Kevin Neuner

curator | communicator

Sami Glenn

cinematographer | producer

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