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The audio repository of our journey of inspiring a curious and hopeful humanity, exploring the spiritual, intellectual, and cultural revolution currently underway.

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The via media podcast is the audio repository of our journey of inspiring a curious and hopeful humanity, exploring the spiritual, intellectual, and cultural revolution currently underway.

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Ep.01 When It Begins

I am inviting you, my friends, to join me on this revolutionary trek. We are going to dive into neuroscience, spirituality, technology, history, philosophy, and cultural anthropology. We are going to interrogate fundamentalism, apologetics, epistemology, liberalism and conservatism. We will ask deep questions about the social structures we have created such as gender, politics, and economics. We will mine the depths of sacred texts and various world religions and spiritualities to discover what they have to tell us about ourselves, our evolution, and our core impulses, wants, desires, and needs. We are going to champion the humility and inquiry of curiosity and seek first to understand. And we will promote a fierce belief in hope, the value and affirmation that all of this can be purposed to better our world, our lives, our religions, our science, and our experiences.

Ep.01 When It BeginsKevin Neuner
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Ep.02 Complicate Your Stories

We live in a chaotic system. Our physics and our spiritualities say so. Yet, we live by stories that simplify the complexities because the chaos is just too much. But what if extending our perceptions and storytelling a bit further into the chaos could actually help us understand better, and deeper, and more accurately the truth of the matter? What if we could simply expand our conscious awareness of the complexities of life a bit more, and open our minds to other possible conceptions? Maybe then, we could have a more equitable storytelling universe.

Ep.02 Complicate Your StoriesKevin Neuner
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Ep.03 Ask Better Questions

Mitosis is an incredibly intelligent process by which our human bodies grow, and repair. When something damaging happens to our bodies, our cellular systems respond by regenerating and replacing damaged cells. Mitosis is absolutely fundamental to life. Without it, life would not exist.

I propose that we apply this same understanding to our curiosity and ask questions that regenerate and replace bad thinking, cognitive biases, and false beliefs. No more questions that are meant to trap, or ensnare another. No more “gotcha” questions, or questions that seek to undermine or make a point. Let us embrace questions that help us understand better by adapting to new environments, questions that help us seek new adaptive solutions to problems, and expand our imaginative capacities to explore creative solutions and possibilities. These are the questions that throughout human history have advanced human flourishing because they are commensurate with the fundamental processes of life. These, my friends, are the questions we value. And let’s keep asking them.

Ep.03 Ask Better QuestionsKevin Neuner
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