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September 26, 2022




After Evangelicalism: A Way ForwardDavid Gushee
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The Book:

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"I have written this book not mainly so that I can dissect what I believe to be the failures of white evangelicalism, but so that I can clarify for myself, and maybe for others, where some solid ground might be found. I am at least provisionally satisfied that there is some solid ground here for building a Christ-honoring life as a post-evangelical." (p.170)


About David Gushee

Dr. David P. Gushee ( is currently the Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University in Atlanta, GA. David is a Christian theologian, ethicist, and the author of over 19 books including Kingdom Ethics which is a standard text for seminary students, Changing Our Mind, a landmark call for LGBTQ Christian inclusion which is now in its third edition with content responding to critics, and After Evangelicalism, his most recent book on “The Path to a New Christianity.”

In this conversation, we will carefully consider what American Evangelicalism is and perhaps ought to be. We will explore pathways forward for those who have already left and for those who are still unsettled from within.

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