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December 5, 2022




Christian Environmentalism: Science, Faith, Climate, and CareDorothy Boorse & Brian Webb
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The Report:

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""For those already struggling under the weight of poverty, climate change increases vulnerability to environmental shocks that are outside their control, and it decreases the resources that would help them cope. The effects have already undone years of development investment by driving people climbing out of poverty back down the development ladder." (p.58)


Additional Resources:

Reports on how climate change is having an "undoing" effect on development and philanthropic work around alleviating poverty:


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Forget about making poverty history. Climate change will make poverty permanent.

About Dorothy Boorse

Dorothy Boorse ( holds a B.S. in Biology from Gordon College, a Masters (M.S.) in Entomology from Cornell University, and a Ph.D. in Oceanography and Limnology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is currently a Professor of Biology at Gordon College and is the co-author of Environmental Science: Toward A Sustainable Future, an environmental science textbook for undergraduates. She is the principal author of Loving The Least of These, a report published by the National Association of Evangelicals.


About Brian Webb

Brian Webb holds a B.A. from Berry College, a Masters (M.S.) in Experiential Education from Minnesota State University, and a Masters (M.L.A.) in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard Extension School. At Houghton University he is the Director of the Center for Sustainability and a professor of Environmental Studies. Brian also co-directs the Christian Climate Observers Program which trains Christians to participate in the annual United Nations Conference of the Parties Climate summits.

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