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October 24, 2022




Trauma Informed and Compassionate JusticeFritzi Horstman
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The Work:


"It is our belief that when each of us heals our own trauma, we’re doing our part to heal the world. So let the healing begin, for everyone, everywhere, especially for the most traumatized people in our society, those living in prison."

About Fritzi Horstman

Fritzi Horstman (LinkedIn & Twitter) holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Vassar College in English and Film, and has been a producer and post-producer on dozens of television projects and documentaries. Fritzi has directed several films, and is a Grammy-award winning producer for her work on “The Defiant Ones.”


Fritzi is the Founder and Executive Director of the Compassion Prison Project, a grassroots organization made of people gathering together to create a more compassionate world. Their vision is to create trauma-informed prisons and communities, transforming punitive human warehouses into rehabilitative environments.

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