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August 22, 2022




How Patterns of Meaning Will Shape Our FutureJeremy Lent
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The Books:

The Patterning Instinct.jpg

“There seems little doubt that we are currently in the midst of one of the great critical transitions of the human journey, and yet it is not at all clear where we will end up once our current system resolves into a newly stable state. My hope in writing this book is that it can offer a valuable framework for readers to come to their own assessment of humanity’s future path—and their own potential role in shaping it." (p. 25)

The Web of Meaning.jpg

"We’re accustomed to thinking of science as existing in a different domain from spirituality. We generally view the intellect as distinct from emotion; the mind as separate from the body; humans as separate from nature; and spiritual insight as separate from political engagement. In the integrated worldview laid out here, each one of these domains is intricately connected with the others in an extended web of meaning." (p. 6)

About Jeremy Lent

Jeremy Lent ( is the founder and president of The Liology Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to fostering a worldview that will enable humanity to thrive sustainably on the earth. He also leads The Deep Transformation Network, an online community for people who recognize that our civilization is in existential crisis—and who want to engage with others in facilitating a deep transformation toward a life-affirming future on a regenerated Earth. He is the author of two books. The first, The Patterning Instinct is an exploration of humanity’s cognitive pathways that have shaped our world. His second book, The Web of Meaning, lays a framework for a worldview that could foster humanity’s long-term flourishing on a healthy planet.

In this conversation, we interrogate the patterns of thinking that have shaped our existing worldviews by exploring the ideas presented in his two books and consider other possible conceptions of our world that could prove far more beneficial to us, our societies, and our planet.

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