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October 3, 2022




Attached to God: The Science of Attachment In Love and FaithKrispin Mayfield
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The Book:

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"Understanding your attachment style shows you the specific ways you need God to come close. You’ll never live in a constant state of secure attachment, but you can either protect yourself or take the risk of trusting in God’s rest, engagement, and delight. You can wall yourself off, or you can live as a person who needs love and closeness from your Divine Parent. There are no guarantees, but there never is when it comes to connection, just the faith of opening your heart to a God who longs for closeness. (p.205)


About Krispin Mayfield

Krispin Mayfield ( is a licensed therapist from Portland OR. His book Attached to God: A Practical Guide to Deeper Spiritual Experience explores spiritual dynamics through the lens of natural human bonding and attachment styles. He is the co-host of the Attached to the Invisible podcast, and the Prophetic Imagination Station podcast.In this conversation, we interrogate the patterns of thinking that have shaped our existing worldviews by exploring the ideas presented in his two books and consider other possible conceptions of our world that could prove far more beneficial to us, our societies, and our planet.

In this conversation, we discuss what attachment is, how people develop different attachment styles, and why attachment is important to our flourishing. We also discuss how various religious and spiritual teachings are understood through the attachment lens. We interrogate the psychological roots of various theologies and promote a healthier conception of the divine so our spiritual relationships can thrive.

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